What is Faction Warfare:

Faction Warfare is a game/game-mode for space engineers, combining the in depth construction and development game play of space engineers, with the mechanics of a fully fledged turn based 4x strategy game. Instead of creating an infrastructure on a single planet, players can create infrastructures that spread over multiple planets, asteroid belts and whatever else you may encounter. 

Players can sign up as faction leaders and do whatever they wish, ranging from building a massive economical foundation for said faction to run on, or they can isolate themselves, simply minding their own business, yet at the same time, get straight to business should their territory be invaded. Of course playing it peacefully and diplomatically is not a requirement, factions can also amass huge war fleets and go on massive crusades against people they deem an enemy.

The possibilities are endless, ranging from managing your faction on the star-map and viewing it all from afar to getting a bit more hands on and scheduling mining excursions or accomplishing quests for other factions in return for the universal currency known as 'Units'.

Players are not required to sign up as a faction leader however, they can also sign up as independent contractors or ship captains and roam the star-map in search for a faction or contractor that needs help, the choice is yours.

Screenshot by Smokki
(KSH screenshot competition winner)